Chucky Season 1 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Chucky or Child’s Play is an American horror franchise created by Don Mancini. The story focuses on Chucky, a notorious serial killer who keeps escaping death by performing some sort of voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a Good Guys doll. 

Fan following of Child’s Play franchise is huge, and this franchise has lasted longer than any other franchise. It debuted in 1988, and since then, it is making good horror movies. Now the franchise is coming out with a whole new project of the TV show.

The franchise has released Seven successful films over the years. The story was primarily focusing on psychological horror and slowly dwelled into dark-humour, making it a horror-comedy story.  

Chucky Season 1 – When Is The Release Date?

The TV series was announced to be in development in February 2018, with the creator of the franchise Don Mancini and the producer, David Kirschner. The series will have the continuity from its original film series. 

In January 2019, Syfy Wire announced the series to air on Syfy with Mancini writing and also producing the series with David Kirschner and Nick Antosca. The 10 part series is set to release sometimes in 2020. 

As the production date is also not confirmed by Syfy and in the present time, the whole world is under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic so that things will take time. We can’t expect it soon on our TV screens.

That’s all the information that there is regarding the release; no official date has been allotted so far, but we hope to hear soon.

Chucky Season 1 – Who Is In The Cast?

The cast for the series is yet to be announced. Though we do have an exception, Brad Dourif, who has always voiced Chucky in all feature films, will be back to voice Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray.

Even with no official release of the cast list, the makers of the show have mentioned that the story will continue from the last film of the Child Play’s series, which ended with a young woman named, Mica (Fiona Dourif) possessed by the spirit of Chucky’s murderous bride Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). So, maybe we can expect them to make a return as well. 

We will have to wait for a confirmed list to know anything for sure. If you’ve not already watched the other films, give it a watch while we wait for the series to release, but either way, we’re all in for a horror-filled treat.