Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

One of the famous fantasy series, Carnival Row is all set to come with its new second season for the series; Yes, we are talking about Carnival Row Season 2! Here are complete details on the release date and the storyline for Carnival Row Season 2.

Release Date

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Starting with the release date, it’s been confirmed that the second new season for the series is coming! Also, it was confirmed that the filming for the new season has begun, but sadly, the showrunners for the series had to HALT the production soon after the outbreak of coronavirus around the world.

Since that, we don’t have much-confirmed updates regarding the release, but if we go with sources, it’s been speculated that we will get to see the release date for Carnival Row Season 2 might get scheduled somewhere in mids of 2021.

This is just leak, so let take it lightly for now, but, soon we will be coming with official updates! Until that, stay tuned to our site,, for more updates in the future.

What Is the Storyline?

Talking about the storyline, it’s quite sure that the storyline for Carnival Row Season 2 will be picking from the end of its previous season.

Few sources say that the storyline will set events from the Victorian era, and it will probably revolve around fae-folks and the struggles they have to face for their survival.

Also, as we saw Philo joining Vignette and the other fae folks in the detention in the Burge after that, Philo became Philforate (half-human and half-fae) and found himself torn into embracing his identity.

With this, may one the second season, we might get to see themes like a political theme, war, refugees, and issues of immigration to be covered.

However, if you haven’t watched the previous season for the series! Then, don’t just be waiting and watch it soon, for sure you will love it.