Assault Lily Bouquet Season 1 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Assault Lily Bouquet is a new Japanese anime TV series based on a Japanese mixed-media project of toy figurines. Japanese TV anime series always attracts a good number of viewers.

Assault Lily Bouquet is, however, an adapted anime series but is expected with great hope from the anime lovers this time.

The series Assault Lily Bouquet hasn’t begun yet but is due to arrive soon. But when will you get the first season of it to watch?

Well, here’s all you need to know about Assault Lily Bouquet season 1 with its other recent updates.

When is Assault Lily Bouquet season 1 set to have a release?

Due to the pandemic situation worldwide that has delayed everything for a later date, even Assault Lily Bouquet season 1 isn’t given a specific release date.

However, we are expecting it to be released in October this year, most probably the date would be delayed to the early months of 2021. As we don’t have any information as of now, nothing can be said concretely. Stay tuned to know further updates on the show.

Who’s in the cast of Assault Lily Bouquet season 1?

The cast of Assault Lily Bouquet season 1 will have the following:

Riri Hitotsuyanagi (一柳梨璃Hitotsuyanagi Riri)Voiced by Hikaru Akao

Yuyu Shirai (白井夢結Shirai Yuyu)Voiced by Yūko Natsuyoshi

Kaede Johan Nouvelle (楓・J・ヌーベル)Voiced by Mikako Izawa

Fumi Futagawa (二川二水Futagawa Fumi)Voiced by Rimi Nishimoto

Tazusa Andō (安藤鶴紗Andō Tazusa)Voiced by Risa Tsumugi

Thi Mai Yoshimura (吉村・Thi・梅)Voiced by Haruki Iwata

Kuo Shenlin (郭神琳Sherlin Kuo)Voiced by Sana Hoshimori

Wang Yujia (王雨嘉Yujia Wang)Voiced by Hikaru Tohno

Miliam Hildegard von Globius (ミリアム・ヒルデガルド・V・グロピウス)Voiced by Karin Takahashi

Shiori Rokkaku (六角汐里Rokkaku Shiori)Voiced by Rie Takahashi

Soraha Amano (天野天葉Amano Soraha)Voiced by Minami Tsuda

Kusumi Egawa (江川樟美Egawa Kusumi)Voiced by Sayaka Harada

Shinobu Izue (出江史房Izue Shinobu)Voiced by Juri Nagatsuma

Ena Banshōya Voiced by Rika Tachibana

What will be the storyline of Assault Lily Bouquet season 1?

The storyline of season 1 of Assault Lily Bouquet will have the story about teen girls who want to become Lilies (a name given to girls who use weapons called CHARM). Lillies use CHARM weapons to destroy a creature named ‘Huge’ evil for creating a disaster on earth. Assault Lilly Bouquet is about the teen girls who want to protect the earth while being trained at a military campus ‘ Garden.’

Although nothing much has been revealed about Assault Lily Bouquet, yet we are expecting it to go totally as per the series it has been adapted from.