A3! Season Autumn & Winter Season 1 Release Date, Storyline & Cast?

A3! Act! Addict! Actors! the smartphone game got adapted in TV series named A3! Season with its first edition, A3! Season Spring & Summer that streamed from January this year. The anime TV series is produced by Liber Entertainment.

The next version of the TV series is going to be A3! Season Autumn & Winter, which will release soon, and fans are excited about its arrival. So, when are we getting A3! Season Autumn & Winter, to watch?

Well, without further ado, let us get into all the information and updates we have on A3! Season Autumn & Winter Season 1 scheduled release date, the potential plot, and who is in the upcoming cast.

When is the scheduled release date for the premiere of the show?

Curious to when the possible air date is for A3! Season Autumn & Winter Season 1?

Well, two seasons were decided to release the TV series, namely A3! Season Spring & Summer and the other one named A3! Autumn & Winter. The first season Spring & Summer has released while the Autumn & Winter is supposed to release in October this year.

Who is the potential cast of the upcoming show?


The cast of A3! Season Autumn & Winter will have Settsu Mari (Sawashiro Chiharu), Hyodojuza ( Susuke Takeuchi), Taichi Nanao (Kento Hama), Tsukioka Tsumugi (Atsushi Tamaru), Takatoyo (Takuya Sato), Snow-white east (Tetsuya Kakihara) and others.

What will be the possible storyline for the upcoming show?

While you may all be wondering what the storyline is going to be like for A3! Season Autumn & Winter Season 1, we have all the information you would want to know before you binge-watch the upcoming season. So here it is-

The storyline of A3! Season Autumn & Winter will show the winter troupe portraying some sad story that is closely relating to the winter. So, for an October release of the series’s season, a winter-based theme has been decided as of now.

For the rest, we will have to wait for the release date of the series in order to make accurate opinions and comments on the future of the show.

What is more to know about the upcoming show?

The upcoming season A3! Season Autumn & Winter will show the stage play of winter as they did for the spring, summer, and autumn. The story of the season is to be shown which will bring the new set of the cast with heart touching play this time. Yet we wait to see if any other season can happen after that or not.