The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run Release Date & What Is Storyline?

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

SpongeBob SquarePants! The yellow sponge and his pet snail that we’ve all come to love so dearly over all these years. This show has to be one of the most classic animations in history. It’s a family favorite, and everyone loves it regardless of how old they are.

In case you don’t know the story follows a bubbly and lively yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants, who loves his job as a cook at the Krusty Krab, lives in a Pineapple in the Pacific Ocean, regularly embarks on various adventures with his best friend and neighbor Patrick Star, and makes sure to check in on his grumpy neighbor and co-worker Squidward every day at Bikini Bottom.

The Movie We’ve All Been Waiting For

SpongeBob is on his way back to us for the movie we’ve all been waiting for! SpongeBob and Patrick set out to the lost city of Atlantic City to unravel the mysterious kidnapping of SpongeBob’s beloved pet Gary the snail. Their journey and mission prove to them that there’s nothing stronger than friendship as they encounter heaps of threatening and lurking danger and limitless delight at every turn.

But what are we most excited about? The movie’s going to delve into a flashback to show us devoted fans how Gary and SpongeBob met!

The artists lending themselves and their voice for this movie of the treasured series include Keanu Reeves as SageClancy Brown as Mr. KrabsAwkwafinaMatt Berry as Poseidon, Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePantsBill Fagerbakke as Patrick StarSnoop Dogg as himself, Lori Alan as Pearl, Mary Jo Catlett as Mrs. Puff, Mr. Lawrence as Plankton, Rodger Bumpass as SquidwardJill Talley as Karen, Tom McGrath as Lightbulb Bot, Jack Gore as a Young Patrick Star, and finally Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks.

How Much Longer?

It’s the question on all our minds. How much longer?! As of January 22, 2019, filming was confirmed to have officially begun. Since then, the movie has had a rocky ride. For starters, the film was meant to be released theatrically on the ninth of February last year. It was then pushed back to the second of August of 2019, and subsequently finally sold to the 30th of July, 2020. Later, though, it was moved to July 17, 2020, then to May 22, 2020, Then to July 31, and finally August 7, 2020, all as a result of the CoVid- 19 pandemic. In June 2020, it was announced that the film’s theatrical release had been canceled, and it would be released through video instead of in 2021.

We’re just as confused as you are, but we know that the wait isn’t much longer, so hold on and count the days with us!

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