Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Season 1 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Here we bring you all the new details about Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai. As the news surfaced that warner bros have green signaled the animated version of the story, fans have wanted to know about it all. What better than our website to bring you all the new scoop. So Gremlins is coming to television in a new animated prequel show created by Warner Brothers and Amblin television. This is very well-received news amongst the fans of the show. We have seen how the anticipation of the show is built up, and this all-new buzz will eventually help the production to gain mass profits from the show release. All of this is a well-curated project put forth by the production writers and distributors given the popularity of the subject. At our website, you will find all the latest news surrounding the project release, cast, and plot, so keep reading.

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Season 1 Release Date

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Season 1 What Are The Expected ...

So the entire world is facing is pandemic. That is why we are maintaining a social distancing protocol. The show has been ordered for a 10 episode season to appear on their new streaming service WarnerMedia. For now, the show is expected to be on Disney + streaming site. However, it might take 2021 for the actual project to see the daylight. Always the project shall have episodes that will each run for 30 minutes.

Who Is In Cast?

As the project is an animated series, we have voiceovers. The cast list of voiceovers is expected to be released soon. However, the series is by Tze Chun, who has written on both Gotham and Once Upon a Time.

After the news was announced, Chun took to Twitter and wrote: “A year ago I walked into Amblin to pitch this Gremlins animated prequel. Thank you to Warner Bros and WarnerMedia for making this a reality!”

The show will follow the pair and a teenage street thief named Elle, as they embark on a dangerous journey through the Chinese countryside.

On their travels to return Gizmo to his family, the group encounter monsters and spirits from Chinese folklore and are chased by a power-hungry industrialist and his growing army of evil Gremlins.

All of this is ecstatic, and fans cannot wait to see the animation come to life. Until more information stay tuned to our website @

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