Giri/Haji Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Giri/Haji is a Japanese series going viral in other countries as well. It is soon to be aired on Netflix after the BBC. It means Duty/Shame when translated, and until last year’s success, we didn’t know of such a series that should be at the top of our watch-list. There’s already a season out, and now the fans are awaiting the series’s next season. We are sure of the season to be equally validated and liked by the viewers out there. 

Release Date of the Season 2

Will there be a second series of Giri/Haji? - Radio Times

There has been no announcement by BBC or Netflix on the renewal of the next season. Season 1 was released on 10th January 2020, which gives us an idea about 2021 being the possible year for season 2’s release. Each episode’s runtime range from 50 to 60 minutes each, which could also be the case of the second season.

What can be expected from the plot of season 2?

We saw the protagonist detective Kenzo Mori leading the show in the last season. He might be expected to be a detective in the murder of Yuka boss in London this time. The plot might also include the brother of the hero named Yuto. The first season doesn’t solve the mystery of Yuto being dead or alive. We must count upon the season to resolve the confusion. More intrinsic updates will only be revealed with time about the season further.

Who could be the cast?

Takehiro Hira, Yosuke Kubozuka, Kelly MacDonald, Masahiro Motoki, and Yuka boss are anticipated to return for the new season’s plot. New faces can also join the character list undoubtedly! The voiceovers for the new characters are still unknown. Let’s catch up on the first season this time.


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