Log Horizon Season 3 Why It Hasn’t Aired Yet? What Exciting Updates Are Here? And What Is New Update?

Based on a Japanese novel of the same name, Log Horizon Season 3 wait is going on for a long time. The second season dropped in October 2014 and completed in March 2015. After that fans are expecting to get its third season, but makers are tight-lipped and making no announcement on its next part. But after several dues, finally, the third season is arriving.

Why there is a delay in Log Horizon season 3?

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After completing its two seasons, fans are not expecting a vast time gap between its second and third season releases. Presumably, producers are on a shortage of stories for the next season, with writer Mamare Touno involving in tax evasion in 2016. So he could not work on further story after getting involved in legal disputes.

Now as another publishing house, Enterbrain took responsibility for its publication, with the anime having enough material to make a comeback.

Log Horizon Release Date

The anime series officially confirmed from the makers and will drop in October 2020. However, no solid date announced yet. But getting the confirmation on the set is itself a relief. We can only hope that ongoing pandemic does not alter its official release.

The third season I am titled, Log Horizon: Fall Of The Round Table.

Storyline and Characters

The anime series revolves around a boy named Shiroe and his travels and adventures. Shiroe is a shy-introverted college student who lives mostly in the virtual world of the online game Elder Tale.

Season 3 will continue building the adventure and story where it left. That means the next season will begin with the invasion of Tenwazawai monster.

All the past characters will join the next season as well. Including Shiroe, Nyanta, Naotsugu, and Sojiro Seta will appear.

The Log Horizon episodes are also available in English on Crunchyroll.

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