Hache Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More

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Another Spanish series after La Casa De Papel is coming back for its Season 2, Guess which one is it?

The Spanish series Hache has been granted permission for its season 2 by Netflix only a few weeks after season 1 debuted on Netflix and getting amazing views.

The new Spanish thriller TV show has marked its part in a big push for public view in the Spanish market. Netflix has had tremendous success and watchers with shows such as Elite and Money Heist, which have never failed to show amazing performance in both Spain and international regions.

Recently in April 2019, Madrid was announced to be the new production hub for Netflix. It’s a huge thing for the people of Madrid, and the amount of exposure Netflix is getting. Hache is set in a setting of 1960s Barcelona where the protagonist Helena, insinuates a cartel to learn their secrets of how to work. But in order to join, she must gain the love and trust of the cartel leader.

Even though Netflix hasn’t yet released any statistics regarding the success of the show, but we do know it has definitely performed well with critics and audiences.

Hache Season 2: Release Date

The announcement of season 2 of Hache was come to know through a Tweet from Netflix’s Spanish social account. If translated, it could be read as: “The “damn the teacher and damn the apprentice” thing to #Hache falls short. The second season arrives in 2020.”

Season first wrapped up with Hache taking out retribution with Malpica’s betrayer into prison and get tortured. But through Diezminutos, we know that season 2 will see Hache back at the head of the criminal cartel and teases the fact that we would see the resurrection of Javier Rey. Till now, this is the only thing we know. It could hit your Netflix screen in 2020 from around October to December.

Hache Season 2: Cast

Adriana Ugarte plays the lead role as Helena, who is famous for her role in the sci-fi series “Mirage.”

Javier Rey as Malpica in the series. Other actors like Eduardo Noriega played role as Vinuesa, Maria Salas played role as Velasco, and Pep Ambros played role as Senovilla.Tony Zenet played role as Ramiro Larrocha, Josep Julien played role as Eladio Pérez, Marina Salas played role as Silvia Velasco, Àlex Casanovas played role as Clemente Larrubia, Séainín Brennan as Anna McVeigh, Andrew Tarbet as Walter Kopinski, Tonia Richardson as Julia Bloomsbury