Diablo 4 Air Date And Demo Gameplay

Aloha, fellow gamer enthusiasts! Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo IV is an online dungeon crawler action role-playing game. This edition is the fourth title in the Diablo series. 

On November 1st, 2019, Blizzard Entertainment announced the immediate possibility of a soon arrival of the fourth part in the Diablo series.

Since then, the fans are living in frenzy and excitement, waiting for the developers to drop Diablo IV onto their laps. Let us discuss and find out everything we know so far about the upcoming fourth title in this intriguing series.

When is Diablo IV going to release?

Further, the development of the PC and console is happening as we speak. The developers are working day and night vigorously to launch the fourth instalment quickly in the market. The sequel of Diablo: Reaper of Souls will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

The on-going concerns spread worldwide regarding the current global pandemic, Novel Coronavirus. Along with the entertainment industry, the gaming industry is also one of the sectors hit hardest by the lethal pandemic.

As of now, the developing company, Blizzard Entertainment, has not officially announced an air date for Diablo IV. Above all, the fans are expecting it to be released sometime around the next year, 2021.

What About The Storyline?

Diablo IV is the sequel instalment in the series, And the story will pick up right from the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. 

The formidable demon, Lilith, and the sanguine angel, Inarius, come into contact with each other and give entrance to the most powerful creature in the world.

The protagonist falls under the said clan, who are known to the people with the name of the Nephalem.

After the summoning of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, the lands are in trouble due to certain cultists. She plans to destroy anyone who dares to annihilate her realm of Sanctuary. 

What does the demo feel like?

Some players around the world played the demo and here’s what they said about the still unfinished and incomplete game.

A player says: “I played the demo a few times and my general impressions of the game are that it’s way far from completion, but it already has what I look for in an ARPG.
The demo just made you feel that way.
The game’s visuals felt so good, like not when you watch the gameplay but when you play in person.

Adding a personalized touch to the review the gamer said “Blizzard games have always “felt” the best to me in that regard, and D4 is not going to be any different.”

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