The Hollow Season 3 All Information About Official Announcements  And What We Can Expect About Storyline?

The hollow is an animated mystery and adventure series about three teens, Adam, Mira and Kai, who work together to find a way home after waking up in a mysterious land filled with magic portals, bizarre puzzles, and frightful monsters.

The renewal

The second season of the show dropped on Netflix just recently, in May this year, and the fans are already eager and demanding more!

The show has gained immense popularity, and the fan base keeps growing. It’s almost certain that the animation will be renewed for another season, but there haven’t been any official announcements about it- and seeing as though the latest season JUST dropped, any announcements at this point of time are unlikely to come.

What’s going to come the teens’ way this upcoming season?

Season two ended with a race- the teens in competition with Team B. But to defeat the final boss, both teams have to get past their quarrels and work together.

Both teams leap through the final portal in sync, and this lands our favorite teens back home. However, just before the final episode ends, a giant snail-like monster appears on the horizon- they’re still in The Hollow.

It seems obvious that the third season will begin with a wave of confusion. Season three might focus on the characters realizing that ‘The Weird Guy’ lied to them about taking the game offline and will have to continue their adventure and fight to get back home.

Portal to Season Three

While we wish we, too, could leap into season three, we’re just going to have to wait for an official renewal announcement- bringing with it a date to look forward to! Until then you know what we’ll be doing- re bingeing on season one and two!

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