TV Shows Solo Leveling Season 2 Why It Hasn't Aired Yet? What Exciting Updates...

Solo Leveling Season 2 Why It Hasn’t Aired Yet? What Exciting Updates Are Here? And What Is More About The Show?


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While a lot of Japanese manga and web novels rule the anime world, it’s about time we look towards Korean ones too. One of the better known South Korean web novels, Solo Levelling, illustrated by Jang sung Rak,  was recently adapted into a webtoon and made its mark in its category. 

Chu-Gong wrote the web novel also has an English translated version named Only I Level Up. Let’s see what the future of the show looks like. 

When Will Solo Levelling Season 2 Release?

Solo Leveling Season 2: Here is everything you need to know about ...

KakaoPage, a content platform, adapted the web novel into webtoon in March 2018 and a few months ago the first season of the show concluded in March 2020. 

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No official announcement for a revival of the show has been made yet, but the fans want it their way and have started a petition seeking another season of Solo Leveling. The request has already crossed more than 131,000 signatures while the goal is set for 150,000. 

Hopefully, the creators will take note of it and answer their prayers. And if it happens so, it will probably release around mid-2021. 

Solo Leveling: Plot

Sung Jin-Woo is a hunter in a world where a portal connects his world to that of vicious creatures and monstrosities of all kinds. Being the weakest of the rank E hunters, others call him “the weakest” but that equation changes when Sung Jin-Woo survives a dangerous dungeon with a few others and becomes the only one to complete all trials. Thus begins his path to become the greatest of all hunters. 

It might be too early to say anything about the story for the second season. 


The significant characters which drive the story will undoubtedly reprise their roles in the second season as well, which includes Sung Jin-Woo, Jo Byng gu, Go Joon hee, and many others. 

Any Teasers or Trailers Yet?

No teasers or trailers are available as of now, and probably it will take some time before we get to see one. 

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