Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 What Is Release Date? And More

Lucifer TV Show Netflix Poster
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Lucifer is coming on Netflix again. Uncanny humour with a touch of the eternal theme! If this the theme you are looking for while watching a series, then LUCIFER is the perfect watch. Lucifer TV series developed by Tom Kapinos, and it first premiered on January 25, 2016.

The American urban fantasy crime-drama television series is based on the character created by Neil Gaiman and others. Warner Bros Television distributes the series. Also, the original networks for its release include Netflix and Fox.

In this series, Lucifer Morningstar is the lead character, the last name Morningstar is another name of Venus. Venus is the name of Lucifer from the bible, so this character signifies it’s origin from Scripture. This series is a fantasy comedy-drama, which is entirely different from the original Lucifer of the Bible.

Lucifer Season 5

What is this series about?

The series centres around the DEVIL who abandons hell and goes to Los Angeles, where he starts running a nightclub of his own. He also becomes a consultant to the LAPD. Thus he helps the police to solve many murder mysteries there. Throughout the series, many celestial and demonic threats kept coming to Los Angeles.

Release of New Season

Hold tight because your favourite devil Lucifer is coming to Netflix with more stories. Officials have announced that part 1 of season 5 will air on Netflix on August 21, 2020.

How previous season ended

The previous season ended with Lucifer returned to hell, he left earth. In the last season, Chloe saw pure devil form of Lucifer, and we have witnessed Eve too. Season 4 was a roller coaster ride for its fans; finally, Chloe fell in love with Lucifer, but Luci left earth.

In the final episode of Season 4, Lucifer returned to hell to play his role as a king of hell. Lucifer came to know that whether he defeats demons or not, but they will return. So he decided to stay there.

Expected Plot

In a recent Twitter video, Tom Ellis gave some hints about the new season. The most common assumption is that Lucifer will return to Los Angeles from hell. As the ending of season 4 saw the return of Lucifer back to hell. Thus the new season will pick the threads from there itself.


It is evident that Tom Ellis, the handsome devil, is coming back with his devilish face as Lucifer Morningstar. His ultimate amiable, confident, classy, and yes, we can not forget his favour schemes; without these things, this show is not an actual show. Tom Ellis is coming back as Lucifer.

The love of Lucifer Morningstar must be there, so Lauren German is also coming back as Detective Chloe Decker. Kevin Alejandro must be there as Detective Dan Espinoza, or I must say Detective Douche. This show can not be more attractive without Lucifer making fun of Detective Espinoza. 

We can not forget another angel in the show, and he is Amanadiel. DB Woodside is playing the role of Amanadiel, who can stop time. Lasley Ann Brandt will return as Mazikeen, the demon of hell. 

Rachael Harris will return as Dr Lind Martin, Scarlett Estevez is returning as Trixie Espinoza.