Love Death And Robots Season 2 Why It Hasn’t Aired Yet? What Exciting Updates Are Here? And What Is New Update?

Love, Death & Robots’ first season was released on September 1 on Netflix in March 2019. Eighteen different stories with different animations and styles made it first of its kind yet weird enough. Deadpool director Tim Miller produced it collaborating with David Fincher, and it’s easily one of the weirdest TV series on Netflix and probably the first of its kind.

Quite a mash-up between Black Mirror and Devilman Crybaby the anthology leans towards science fiction. Hyper-violent, over-sexualized sequences bewitch and haunt the viewers. The audience is expected to be mature enough too.

There’s no point in predicting the plot of an anthological series like this. Any direct sequel to a previous episode is quite unlikely too.

However, here’s everything we know about Love, Death & Robots Season 2:


Yes! In a June 2019 tweet, Netflix confirmed that Love, Death & Robots was picked up for a “Volume 2”.

Overwhelmingly positive reviews appeared for the series. The anthology was both critically and commercially acclaimed.

On YouTube, Netflix hosted an eight-hour countdown to the series’ release. That’s something Netflix rarely, if ever, does.

Netflix invested a lot of time and energy into the series, and it didn’t disappoint. The originality is palpable. And batch production is quite possible for a series like this.

Tim Miller described it as his dream project. And adult-themed animation is quite an in rage nowadays as a powerful medium of storytelling, more innovative than not.


Currently, Netflix has not announced the release date for Love, Death & Robots Season 2. The amount of production time is bound to vary because of it being so unconventional. We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix for possible release dates for season 2. Now that the pandemic is raging on, it can be tough

It is hard to predict how far the production has been to date. In February, it was confirmed that music production had already started. Late 2020 would be a better bet on the release date, and a series like this is premade and is just required to be assembled properly, and the process has been reiterated by its makers.

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