Lie of Lies Release Date And Who Is In Cast?


Lee Yu-ri, Yoyan Jung-hoon, and Lee Il-Hwa starred in the new Channel A drama “Lies of Lies”, a true love story that begins with the lies of a woman who emerges as the stepmother of her own daughter. Lee Yu-ri played the role of Ji Yoon-soo as her husband’s killer, the latter also known as Chambal Alludi.

When she learns that she has adopted an adopted child while in prison, she does everything in her mother’s power to become a stepmother. Lee Yu-ri is the hit-maker, he says, “Jung Bo-ri is here!” First, the actress is proving her reputation on “Super Daddy Yale,” “Dad High.” “Strange”, “Hyde and Seek – Drama” and “Spring Turn to Spring”.

Yon Jung-hoon plays Kong Ji-min’s gentle and just father, who raises his adopted daughter alone.  Meanwhile, he was active on TV with the “1 Night 2 Days” show.

Lee Il-Hwa was screwed over as Ji In-soo’s former aunt Kim Hwal-bhaga. He is a cold-blooded character, and Ji Yun-sui is determined to avenge when his son dies. Lee Yu-ri and Yoyan Jung-hoon are expected to perform well together. Unlike Lee Il-Hwa, who is making a new effort for a role he has never tried before, there is much hope for innocent drama.


Channel A’s “Lies of Lies” begins in May.”Lies of Lies” is directed by Kim Jong-Kwan, written by Kim Ji-Yeon-3 and starring Lee Yu-ri, Yeon Jung-hoon, Lee Il-Hwa. Broadcast information in Korea: 2020 Channel A.

Related actresses/ actors

Ji Yun-suga Lee Yu Ri

Yen Jung Hoon as Kang Ji Min

Lee Il Hwa as Kim Hwal Run

Im Ju Eun Eun Se Mi (Ji Min’s ex-wife)

Jung Shi Ah as Kang Jie Kyung

Lee Won Jong as Eun Song-Q

Kwon Hyuk-hyun as Kim Wong-ran

Kwan Hwa Woon as Kim Jong-un

Kim Seung-hwan as Kang Seung-hwa

Choi Dae-sung as Seo Hyung-Kuk

Ko Su Hee as Jung Mi-jin

Yoo Sung-mo as Choi Hyun-bin

Kang So-riga Bek Song-yi

Go Na-hee as Kang Woo-joo

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