Movies Kimi Wa Kanata What Are Official Announcements? And What Are Latest Updates

Kimi Wa Kanata What Are Official Announcements? And What Are Latest Updates

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Anime shows and films are just raising and blazing globally. These Japanese adaptations of manga stories have made an enormous impact. It quickly has a massive fandom. Here we bring you another film to wonder about Tokyo town. Kimi Wa Kanata is going to be made into a full fetched movie. After TOHO announced that they are on board to produce an original theatrical anime titled Kimi Wa Kanata. So here are all the latest announcements to know regarding this fun release while what the movie is going to showcase. While the upcoming image trailers. Keep on reading to the latest scoop of Kimi Wa Kanata.

Kimi wa Kanata What Are Official Announcements?

Kimi wa Kanata - Anime original anunciado para outubro - AnimeNew

So TOHO has officially announced via their website the making of Kimi Wa Kanata. To know that project will be handled by director/scriptwriter/original author is Sena Yoshinobu, who received much applause at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival with his anime short film “Kushimitama Samurai” has made the anticipation of the movie rise. Fans want to know all the tiny details about this original script and what the movie is going to look like. While the announcement indicates a release in Autumn, we also know there is an official trailer afloat for the movie. In which we see the characters each floating in Ikebukuro, where the day and night are turning over.

What Are Latest Updates?

So the story will have a youthful fantasy set in “Ikebukuro,” a city of new art, film, manga, and animation, with a bit of retro and nostalgic ambiance. Following the lead character of the story. Here the arc of the plot will revolve around Mio. She is the girl who is shown attracted to Arata. The two actors to play the roles are Matsumoto Honoka (as the protagonist, Mio), and Seto Toshiki (as Mio’s childhood friend, Arata), respectively.

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TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro is planning the release of “Kimi wa Kanata” in Autumn 2020 while publishing the original novel KADOKAWA.

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