Was It Love? Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Was It love is a wonderful South-Korean drama series. It is broadcast on MBC in 1999. The series is an outstanding depiction of conflicting emotions and a never-ending quest for material success. The series stars some incredible performers, out of whom Bae Yong-Joon plays the protagonist.

The first season mesmerized us with its compelling narrative, powerful dialogues, and brilliant performances. Season one ended on an emotional note, with Jae-Ho diagnosed with brain cancer.

We all empathize with the character as everyone has a little bit of Jae-Ho in them. In this harsh and gruesome world, where your loved ones betray you in your sensitive time, you lose belief in love and become cynical. Here are all the updates of Did We Love season second:

Did We Love season two release date: When will it arrive?

No official release date of Was It Love season two is on the table yet, although the season will certainly roll out at some point in the future. The ongoing crisis, that has halted productions and filming in the entertainment industry, may also hinder the development and release of this show.

Did We Love plot:

Was It Love revolves around Jae-Ho and his sister Jae-Young, who are deserted by her mother due to financial scarcity? Due to this Jae-Ho couldn’t understand what love is. Hence, he develops a desire to become rich, believing that money is the key to all the problems, and not love.

In his school, he purports to be rich in order to impress Hyun-soo, who belongs to a rich family. He attempts to attract her towards him so that she could marry her and become rich. However, meantime, he falls in love with his Psychology teacher, Shin-Young. He fights with his feelings and ambitions and ultimately chooses love over money. At the end of the series, Jae-Ho is diagnosed with brain cancer and expresses his wish to die.

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