Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Release Date & Who’s In Cast?

Cowboy Bebop1 TV Show Poster

Netflix has added various animes to its list to attract more fans. Now they have started to make live-action versions of a few of them. As of now, two famous animes have been adopted, namely Death Note and King’s Avatar. The two have fared well, and now there appears to be a third in the list.

When can we watch the live-action version of Cowboy Bebop?

The production of the show began long before the pandemic and has progressed significantly. The star entertainer of the show John Cho met with an accident on set, and thus the show was temporarily halted.

With the corona pandemic still infecting thousands worldwide, it is not clear when productions will start again. So, we cannot expect the release date to be announced anytime soon. But it is speculated to be released sometime during Spring 2021 or later.

What is the plot of the series?

The story is set in the far future where humans have advanced technology in their hands. They can now travel throughout the solar system inhabiting many planets. The plot is set in the year 2071, 50 years after a tragedy that makes earth uninhabitable.

Where there are people, there are always wrongdoings. So, there exists an interplanetary force that protects citizens from criminals around the solar system. Out of the Cattle rustlers, we see a bunch of cowboys that fight crime and take on adventures in various planets and moons. We can expect the plot to go hand-in-hand with the anime.

Does the series have a trailer?

To date, there is no trailer for the live-action series. As the productions are on halt, there is not much that can be commented on when we can expect one. All we can do is wait for the corona pandemic to end as productions can begin only then.

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