The Little Things Release Date & What Is Storyline?

The Little Things is an upcoming American crime thriller film by John Lee Hancock. It is the movie that focuses on the larger narrative to present the reality. It depicts the crimes that have the potential to disturb us even in our daily lives. The movie is more significant than other movies in contemporary times.

The movie will largely depict the clashes between a Kern County deputy and a Los Angeles detective occur during the investigation of a murder. The suspense and the screenplay is something that we are looking forward to in this movie.

To know some of the latest developments in the movie, follow this article.

What is the Release Date?

According to the creators, the movie is all set to release on Jan29, 2021. The movie will make its appearance in the theatres only in the US during that time. We should note that this date can prove to be a tentative date. There can be a significant delay in the release of the movie due to the worldwide pandemic situation.

What can be the Cast?

Denzel Washington to hunt a serial killer again for Little Things

Not much is known about the cast and the crew members yet. Some probable faces that we expect are mentioned as follows:

  • Denzel Washington as Deke Craven
  • Rami Malek as Detective Baxter
  • Sofia Vassilieva as Tina Salvatore
  • Terry Kinney as Captain Farris
  • Michael Hyatt as Flo Dunigan
  • Jason James Richter as Detective Dennis Williams
  • Chris Bauer as Sal Rizoli
  • Kerry O’Malley as Mrs. Roberts

We can also witness some new faces once the movie releases officially. To know more about the movie follow our regular updates.