Romance Is A Bonus Book Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What’s New Update?

Romance is a Bonus Book is a new Korean drama that is captivating Netflix users. Every Tuesday, a new chapter of this series is released, which stars Lee Na-young and Lee Jong-suk.

This series marks Lee Jong-suk’s first romantic comedy and Lee Na-young’s return to television after nine years. The story has 16 chapters that premiered on January 26 and is currently in chapter 4, and a new one is released every Tuesday on Netflix.


Romance is a Bonus Book Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot ...

The series tells the lives of two great friends Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan Yi. They had known each other since they were little, and from that moment, they became inseparable.

 Lee Jong Suk plays the role of a great writer and the youngest editor-in-chief of his editorial, Cha Eun Hol. He is intelligent and attractive. He has a warm heart but is also cold at work.

Lee Na Young plays the role of a famous copywriter called Kang Dan Yi. After getting married and having a daughter, she decided to dedicate herself to her home. Subsequently, 11 years later, Kang Dan Yi divorces and is left bankrupt and unemployed. Hence, she starts from scratch, but Despite her experience, she cannot get a job.

For this reason, she lies on her resume to get a temporary job at her friend Cha Eun Ho’s publishing house, and from that moment on, romantic feelings begin to emerge between the two protagonists.


According to the events in season 1, we can expect these actors to be back for a second season.

  • Lee Jong Suk as Cha Eun Ho
  • Lee Na Young as Kang Dan Yi
  • Wi Ha Joon as Ji Seo Joon
  • Jung Eugene as Song Hae Rin
  • People close to Dan Yi
  • Lee Ji Won as Hong Jae Hee (Daughter)
  • Oh Ui Shik as Hong Dong Min (Ex-Husband)
  • Members of the Gyeoro Publishing House
  • Kim Tae Woo as Kim Jae Min (President)
  • Kim Sun Young as Seo Young Ah
  • Jo Han Chul as Bong Ji Hong
  • Kim Yoo Mi as Go Yoo Sun
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