October Faction Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Fan Theories You Should Know??

October Faction, a series based on a comic came out a while ago on Netflix. As expected, the fans of the comic were very excited. But will they have to face disappointment ahead?  Oh, drama? Or no drama? What is it? Scroll down to know!

About The Show And Comic

The show is about monster hunters and a married couple, Fred (JC MacKenzie) and Deloris Allen (Tamara Taylor). This couple is trying to keep their profession a secret from their teenage kids.

In 2014, October Faction became a hit comic book series.

The first season has a total of ten episodes, perfect for binge-watching over the weekend.

But of course, season one left questions unanswered. So, is there a season two?

Will we see the Allen family again or not?

About Season Two

As of now, there is no announcement from Netflix about season two.

The pattern that Netflix follows is that it waits a month or six weeks to announce the future of any series.  Given that season one came out in January (23rd to be specific) and till now there are no announcements, we have questions.

Is there another season? If yes, why is Netflix not announcing it? If yes, when will it be out? If yes, what will the plot be? If yes, who will be in the cast?

But showrunner Damian Kindler has already started opening up about what will happen in the second series. But we still have no news about an actual season two happening. We can do nothing but wait, though. We hope there is more information soon, but we can not guarantee anything, unfortunately.

Till then, keep coming back for updates on other movies, shows, video games and many more categories.

When we know, you will know it all with us too.

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