New Robocop Movie Sequel To Old Once Release Date, Cast, Intresting [SPOILERS] And Everything You Should Know


The first RoboCop film, directed by Paul Verhoeven, starred Paul Weller as a cyborg super-cop enforcing the law in a dystopian version of Detroit. Part action, part satire, and with a sizable helping of gore, RoboCop became a hit and is now regarded as an ’80s sci-fi classic.

In RoboCop, Weller played Alex J Murphy, a police officer who is robotically enhanced – becoming half-machine – in order to save his own life. The metallic supercop then puts his powers into action, taking down common criminals and unravelling a fiendish conspiracy perpetrated by corrupt city officials.


Robocop Returns will adopt a similar approach to other recent franchise films like Terminator: Dark Fate, which ignored everything that came after the second Terminator film, or 2018’s Halloween, which sequel-used John Carpenter’s original horror and left out the many others that came after.See the source image

It is a significant leap in ambition and responsibility for Forsythe, whose biggest film to date is this year’s Little Monsters, a low-budget zombie comedy starring Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad.

Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, the screenwriters and de facto co-creators of the original RoboCop, are expected to serve as producers on the new film.

Robocop Returns still in the early stages of development, but the prospect of a second shot at continuing the original RoboCop storyline will have plenty of fans excited. The new film, reportedly titled Robocop Returns will ignore the whole franchise except 1987 original

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