Mount Jiri: What Are The Expected Release Date? And What You Should Know About The Show?

Mount Jiri is an upcoming Korean drama series written by Kim Eun Lee. Lee Eung Bok will be the director of this series. 

Read on to find more about the upcoming drama Mount Jiri. 

Mount Jiri: News and announcements regarding the official release date and the official trailer 

Fans have been eagerly buzzing for the announcements regarding its release. According to the recent talk and rumors in the industry, it is planned to be getting released in 2021. We might get it a little earlier or later, too, because everything in the industry has become uncertain due to the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. We have to follow carefully with the announcement from the makers.

We do not have much news on the trailer of the drama yet. We do not have one now, but be assured that we will let you know if one gets aired by the makers.

Mount Jiri: News about Casting 

According to the rumors, we will see Park Seo-Joon and Jun Ji-Hyun in it. Jo-Hyun is working together with Kim Eun Hee again after their work together in Kingdom.

Mount Jiri: Storyline 

Mount Jiri will follow the tales of National Park Rangers, who protect and conserve Mount Jiri in South Korea. These rangers are people who come to the mountain to perish, to murder, or to save lives in the environment of tremendous scenery of Mountain Jiri. They maintain to operate around the mount despite terrible climate and weather with heavy rain and heavy snow, landslides, and hurricanes. 

We are surely in for a great thrilling experience. People have loved Korean dramas lately all over the world, and they have also been anticipating more Korean dramas coming out. Mount Jiri will undoubtedly be a huge success all over the world. Let’s positively hope and wait for its release. 


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