Listing Impossible Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?


CNBC seems to have taken itself as a fierce competitor to HGTV. While the latter is always a trendsetter when it comes to home improvement shows, the former focuses on getting the attention of those interested in such shows.’ Listing is Impossible’, along with several home improvements in the CNBC catalogue. Here, a team of luxury architects helps owners sell their properties that are difficult to market.

Who are the hosts of Listing Impossible?

Listing Impossible -

‘Listing Impossible’ is presented by LA-based real estate agent Aaron Kirman, who regularly appears on ‘Super Rich Secret Lives’. He is the President of Arroyo Estates, which specializes in the sale of luxury assets, and branded Real Trends in 2018 as the fifth-largest real estate agent in the U.S. in terms of sales.

He has helped many celebrities in real estate transactions such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Orlando Bloom. Aaron, Jay-Z and Bayonk are the best people to host this show because he has settled many big deals in his lifetime, including selling a home in Malibu for 50 million.

In addition, the Danny Thomas property in Beverly Hills was sold for $ 65 million. So it’s not surprising that CNBC chose its series title. Aaron describes his role in the series: “Sometimes we go home [owners] say the price is 20M and its value is M 14M and what do they do when their taste level is not good?” We will do our best to minimize that loss. “

What can’t be listed?

In the list of impossible employees, Aaron leads employees (ignoring the luxury assets in the real estate market) to their shortcomings. Whether his customers like it or not, his team represents the truth.

For example, one might think that its attractive interior decoration is the focal point of the property, but in reality, it acts responsibly. Another view is that she should sell his home to a group of young celebrities, mainly because he/she lived here during his celebrity days. Again, some employees value it at $ 20 million, and the actual value is $ 15 million.

In each of these cases, Aaron reveals his mistakes and how wrong they are. In fact, their staff are already trying to mitigate the damage they have lost. On the format of the show, CNBC said, “There are things that many real estate agents don’t say are rich. Aaron and his team – not so much.”

Highlighting the declining “multi-million dollar piles” in the market, “Listing Impossible” helps millionaires deal with the rough patches in their lives. However, not all features are uber-rich. There are homes for sale for less than 1M.

According to Aaron, the problems for the rich and the middle class are the same. Bus numbers vary. In fact, because of the changing financial situation, many of them cannot afford to buy homes they intend to sell.

With the bustling real estate market in Los Angeles, the inexplicable features make the listing even deeper. This idea gives the familiar pulse of the million-dollar listing model, where Aaron joins the market’s failed assets.