GTA 6 Release Date And Storyline

GTA 6 Game Poster

GTA 6 Reddit community already spread beans regarding the release of its sixth schedule. We’ve got some crucial information. All thanks to the recent GTA 6 Project Americas leak. Right from a variety of playable characters to several mind-boggling locations, we’ve got it all.

GTA 6 is Rockstar Games’ rumoured sequel to GTA 5. GTA 6 will likely be released for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and (If like Grand Theft Auto V) PC at a later date.

First and the most obvious information is that it is another Rockstar Worldwide Production.

GTA 6: Release Date

As we know, GTA 5 release was a huge success, which is released in 2013 and gained $800 million business in its 1st day and $1 billion within 3 days of its release. GTA 5 become the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. So, fans are eagerly waiting for the GTA 6.

But, The official release date has yet to be confirmed for Grand Theft Auto 6. So, clearly, this is not a piece of very good news for the GTA fans; they need to wait for more. But, 2021 is expected to be its release date, but 2022, 2023, seems to be more believable.

GTA 6: Storyline 

Well, that’s the code name. It’s got a dual-frame. Don’t take this literally. It’s got two locations that are Vice City, and the other is a fictional one set in Rio de Janeiro.
It’s going to be a balance of realism and fiction with a number of linear missions in hand.
With a background of the 1970s and 80s, we’ve already got the names of two potential players. You play as an upcoming drug lord, ” Ricardo.” Then we have a key character Kacey who has an important role in the whole narrative. The plot begins with you playing the role of a cocaine smuggler covering from Vice City to the new South American areas. There is also a mention of prison that’ll be an intrinsic part of the game.


Right from the weather to the buildings, everything is going to change as the time progresses. The physical identities get expensive, for instance – the old rare classic cars. It’s got an amazing 70s and 80s vibe and is hugely influenced by Netflix’s Narcos. You’ll have your personal vehicle and some good weapons. You have the power to store the body armor in your car and can access it whenever you feel like it. The plot won’t be linear, it’ll include a number of subplots, complexities and is likely to divert from the main plot.

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