Green Lantern TV Show Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Fan Theories You Should Know?

If it has been a long since you saw Green Lantern of the DC world, then its time to have it on your screens shortly. Sadly you don’t have a movie of Green Lantern this time, but you’ll be equally happy with a TV show dedicated to the Green Lantern for sure. So, yes HBO Max has taken the onus of Green Lantern TV show this time with it being a big-budgeted TV show by them.

When is Green Lantern TV show releasing?

Well, let’s first mention about the launch of HBO Max streaming service that is not ready to do any sort of streaming before May of this year. Yes, that means Green Lantern TV show would have a release either at the end of this year or at the early of next year.

Who’s in the cast of Green Lantern TV show?

No official cast list has been announced for Green Lantern TV show by now, but yes we do have some news about a character of Arrow series to be likely there in Green Lantern TV show, and that’s John Diggle, who is certainly to be a part of the TV show.

What’s the plot and trailer for Green Lantern TV show?

With HBO Max yet not launched, inevitably, we don’t have a trailer of the show by now. Apart from that Greg Berlanti is working on Green Lantern TV show and he said it will be biggest DC show ever made with two Green Lantern on earth with Sinestro in the limelight.

What fan theories you should know?

Arrow’s John Diggle is John Stewart that fans have been speculating so far and adding to it even the stepfather of Diggle has been unveiled as Roy Stewart and that might turn the fan theory as accurate.

Although, that’s all wrapped in the upcoming TV show about Green Lantern with it likely to be the best big million dollars budgeted TV show to arrive on HBO Max.



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