Foregone Release Date & What About Gameplay?

Introduction And Details

May. 5, 2020 – Canadian game developer Big Blue Bubble releases its challenging 2D action-platform Forgan on all major consoles on October 5, 2020. Developed with the support of Ontario Creates and is currently available for initial access to the Epic Games Store, players can play it soon. Intense battle against Forever Award-winning music, exciting pixel artwork, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“We are not happy with the response from Fortune since the launch of Early Admission,” said Damir Saloger, founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble. “We listen attentively to the player’s feedback and always strive to further enhance the game’s memorable game experience and give players a better product to enjoy on their favourite consoles available this October.”

News And Release Details

Foregone second Early Access update was released on 27th February 2020 with new weapons, boosting the game’s first mini-boss and localization support. Full patch notes are available at The next update of the game will be released in early June. Foregone’s players play Colgan’s strong mediator in investigating the rapid revival of all the corrupt forces known as Harrow. The warrior, who is a powerful master of war, destroys the war mediator and gathers in a twisted journey extensive regenerative exploits to reveal the truth behind Harvey. Displays liquid pixel artwork with intense and war-centric highlights that combine old-school visual effects with modern school pixel animation technology.

Foregone Features:

Foregone (PC) gameplay - YouTube

Hybrid Action-Platform, Exploitation

Story-driven gameplay

Arsenal of modern weapons and armour

Challenges enemies and intense boss fights

Gives the tree with customizable capabilities

Liquid 3D-2D pixel art and animation

Forgan is currently available at the Epic Games Store for a starting price of US $ 24.99. Learn forever at more information, visit the Forgan Press Kit page or contact [email protected] Request a press copy via key mailer.

About Foregone

Forget the fast and fluid 2D action-platform full of epic exploits and stunning pixel art. Collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and upgradable abilities, and then use them to shoot and cut through hand-crafted pixel environments that will hide a treasure trove of secrets. Understand the great story of repentance and intrigue as you go through the clutches of the enemy and manage your goal to save the Callaghan from destruction.

The Big Blue Bubble

Big Blue Bubble is an established video game developer with 15 years of experience creating interesting, innovative and accessible titles. With over a hundred games to date, Big Blue has a proven track record of coming to market with a variety of innovations in bubble technology and game design, establishing the company as a long-time industry expert. Big Blue Bubble’s commitment to creating fun and exciting games has earned the studio recognition from some of the world’s leading companies, including Deloitte, Buffett and IGN.

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