Chorus Release Date & What About Gameplay?

This could be good news for all the heavy gamers who love playing games related to space-combat and shooting! With that been set, now it’s confirmed by Deep Silver that they will soon be coming with a new shooter game namely, Chorus;

Here are the complete details on release date and gameplay for the Chorus game.

Release Date

The game is said to supporting popular gaming platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC as well.

In terms of a release date for Chorus, finally, it’s been confirmed that the game will be ready to launch in the year 2021.

However, we still have to wait for the announcement of the official release date for the game! But, for now, we can expect it to arrive somewhere in 2021.

What About Gameplay?

The game is developed by Flishlabs and will be published by Deep Silver publications! With that, they also published out the gameplay for the Chorus game.

The gameplay of the game is said to be a focus on a character name, Nara, who is an ace pilot trying to escape from the past and her sentient ship, namely, Forsaken. Chorus is an Open World game.

Nara will be out for redemption, which will lead them across the galaxy in the hopes of getting resistance against an evil group, namely, Circle, which is lead by Great Prophet.

The gameplay has been designed in such a way that the players would be able to explore space and various hubs in space as well.

Also, the players will be allowed to get into Zero-g dogfights as well. In the game, the players will be required to rely on weapons and upgrades a lot.


To know more about the gameplay, make sure to check out Chorus the trailer given down below! For sure, you will love it.


Trailer Breakdown

The official trailer of the Chorus game starts in space where a male voice is saying some words in the background. “Together we build an Order,” as you hear these words in the background, you will remember the order from the Assassin Creed game series where order and brotherhood were fighting for their cause.

After watching the trailer, we can expect that the lead character of this video game is a part of some order which is trying to maintain peace in-universe. She is the savior of the Universe. We can expect an adventure.