Fire Force Season 2 Updates, New Episodes And More About The Show

Konnichiwa, all otakus! Fire Force finished airing its last episode on December 28th, 2019. Designed by Hideyuki Morioka, this anime is a sci-fi shonen with an agreeable touch of supernatural and fantasy. The designs and the fire effects are breathtaking and magnificent. 

Fire Force, is indeed an original story staged around the lives of people with superhuman strength who go through a series of unprecedented events. the foremost and main reason that the fans are in awe and delight of it is the mind-boggling animation. Therefore, let us discuss and find out everything we know so far about the upcoming season of Fire Force. 

What Do We Know About Fire Force’s Season Two So Far?

The anime so far has a total of twenty-four episodes. Since its release, the series has amassed quite a good following. And, keeping that in mind, the creators decided to renew the isekai anime for a second season. They planned to release the sequel this July 2020.

But seeing the current concerns regarding the worldwide spread of the  Novel Coronavirus, the plans have taken a different turn. We can expect the second part to not be there in the stores anytime soon. Till then, sit back and binge the second season on Crunchyroll or Netflix.

Fire Force Season 2: Whom Will It Involve?


The charisma of the voice-actors is the first thing that blows away the minds and hearts of the viewers. Based on the previous season, here is a list of actors, who will provide their enchanting voices in the upcoming season:

  • Kajiwara, Gakuto as Kusakabe, Shinra 
  • Ichimichi, Mao as Iris 
  • Yuuki, Aoi as Kotatsu, Tamaki
  • Kamijou, Saeko as Oze, Maki 
  • Kobayashi, Yuusuke as Boyle, Arthur
  • Nakai, Kazuya as Oubi, Akitaru 
  • Suzumura, Kenichi as Hinawa, Takehisa
  • Miyano, Mamoru as Shinmon, Benimaru
  • Lynn as Hibana 
  • Tsuda, Kenjirou as Joker

Fire Force Season 2 Plot: What Is This Season About?

The show shows that the entire city of Tokyo is a live inferno. The people living in Tokyo are struggling to make it out alive from the spontaneous human combustion. Any person who is affected in the burning gets turned into a living furnace. So, to deal with this incident, people having Superhuman abilities join hands to form a firefighter force. The force works together to extinguish the infernals. Shinra, who is a part of the force, uncovers the truth from his past that led to the death of his family.