Ultraman Season 2 What Is The Release Date And When Can We Expect The Show On Our TV Screens?

If by chance, you were into Power Rangers in your childhood days, then Ultraman will be a perfect package for you. Ultraman is the latest Netflix original anime that aired its first episode last year on April 1st. It is the ideal series to binge this summer, which has immaculate and beautiful fight scenes. The fans loved the nostalgia and references to the Ultraman of the year 1966, although it has its negative points, which include animation and artificial character movements. 

If you want to watch something quick with a good story, you can undoubtedly roll with this series. Let us discuss and find out everything we know about the upcoming of Ultraman.

What Do We Know About Ultraman’s Season Two?

Buckle up, folks! Season two is happening. On June 11th, 2019, the official Twitter account of this web television series released an official statement, giving an update regarding the second instalment:

“Get ready to armour up once again, Ultraman is coming back for Season 2.”

Usually, the production of animes take quite a lot of good time, nailing it to perfection consumes much more time. And, indeed, the showrunners of Ultraman will require their time to create the second instalment. With the current concerns over the on-going pandemic, Novel Coronavirus, the production may again take a back-seat. At the latest, we can expect the sequel series to release this late-2020, or early-2021.

Who Will It Involve?


Based on the previous season, here is a list of voice-actors, who will return to lend their charismatic voices to the series:

  • D.C. Douglas as Edo 
  • Josh Hutcherson as Shinjiro
  • Cristina Valenzuela
  • Tara Sands as Rena
  • Michael Yurchak as Igaru
  • Gunnar Sizemore as Seiji Hokuto ‘Ace’
  • Mick Wingert as Yapool

Is There Any Trailer Yet?

We are uncertain if the production has even commenced or not. As of now, Netflix has not released any trailer or teaser video regarding Ultraman‘s season two.

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