Morbius Why It Hasn’t Aired Yet? What Exciting Updates Are Here? And Who Will Be New Face In This Movie?

Superhero movies are exciting. It is based on a Marvel comic, and the film is in the pipeline. The movie ‘Morbius’ is going to be distributed by Sony pictures and the production is done by Columbia pictures along with Marvel. There are a lot of movies that are in the pipeline that have not released, and the production is on a break due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. This is a spider-man spinoff movie that is going to be out soon. Here is what is known about the film.

When Can We Expect The Movie?

Most movies aren’t coming out on the scheduled date. Some film even had a trailer and a proper release date, but it hasn’t hit the screens yet. The primary reason for this is the outbreak of coronavirus. Gatherings and meetings are banned until the situation gets better. Theatres and other such places are closed all over the world, and the movie releases and production are getting postponed.

The movie was supposed to release in July 2020. The film is now postponed to March 19, 2021.

Who Will Be On It?


We already have an official teaser for the movie. The cast members are Jared Leto, Tyrese Gibson, Matt Smith, Al Madrigal, Adria Arjona, and Jarred Harris. This is the information we have about the cast so far. We will know more soon. There are possibilities that there are many more people in the cast, but we have to wait to know more.

As usual, Marvel has kept everything under wraps always, and the same is with this movie. For all we know, Morbius is a Vampire and is an anti-villain. Dr. Michael Morbius is the vampire. He is a trained biologist and has superhuman strengths, and he can also fly. Being a vampire, he feeds on human blood and has accelerated healing factor.

We have to wait and see what happens. Don’t worry, Popculture times will keep you updated.

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