Cinderella What Is Release Date? And Cast Details

Camila Cabello has already become a singing sensation by now, and what’s new for Camila Cabello this time is her acting debut that she’s supposed to start with Kay Cannon’s upcoming classical fairytale story remake Cinderella.

Yes, Kay Cannon is bringing a new movie with an old story and characters, but don’t think it’s the same story with no modern touch. So, when are we getting Cinderella to release in theatres?

Well, here’s all you need to know about Cinderella and its other recent updates.

When is Cinderella suppose to hit the big screen?

Officially, Cinderella movie was set to release in February 2021, but due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic release has been delayed.

We should also note that due to the global pandemic situation, the production of the movie has stopped temporarily and will resume sometime soon.

Who’s to star as the cast of Cinderella?

Recently director Kay Cannon shared details about the cast of the upcoming musical remake of Cinderella movie. This Disney movie has many recognizable stars.

Camila Cabello will be playing the role of Cinderella. Camilla has appeared on several TV shows, but this time she got a significant role, now she will be playing the lead role of the movie. We can recognize her as a musician, and her good works are “Havana” and “Senorita.” So, in this musical movie, she will try to gain some fame.

Billy Porter will be playing the role of Fairy Godmother. Billy is a fashion icon and well known for pushing gender boundaries. We will see Idina Menzel as Evil Stepmother. Idina came to fame when she gave voice to Queen Elsa in Frozen franchise.

Nicholas Galitzine will play the role of Prince Robert. Prince Robert was Cinderella’s love interest. Pierce Brosnan will play the role of Prince Robert’s Father. We can remember Brosnan as James Bond 007.

We have Minnie Driver, who will play the role of Queen Beatrice. Minnie is an Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee. We can recall her name from “Good Will Hunting” Movie.

What’s the plot and trailer for Cinderella?

There’s still some time to have an official trailer for Cinderella, but yes Camila did post a video announcing that she is the new Cinderella to feature in the movie of Kay Cannon. The upcoming Cinderella movie is a romantic musical comedy film that itself hints that the modern touch to the classic fairytale is nothing but a musical comedy genre.

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