TV Shows AJ and the Queen Season 2 Why Is Show Cancelled ?

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Why Is Show Cancelled ?

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AJ and the Queen is a Netflix Original series capturing the adventures of Robert, a drag queen Ruby Red and AJ, a street smart 10-year-old with a chip on her shoulder.

AJ and the Queen season 1 debuted on Netflix on January 10, 2020, and it ends with a cliffhanger — will RuPaul’s new show return for Season 2?

So without further ado, let us get into all the information and updates we have on AJ and the Queen Season 2’s release date, the potential plot, who can be seen in the upcoming season’s cast and why is the show cancelled?

Is AJ And The Queen Cancelled For Season 2? Are The Rumors True?

, AJ and the Queen Season 2 Why Is Show Cancelled ?

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Well, it has been made clear that Netflix has planned on cancelling the show AJ and the Queen. The show cancellation was on the grounds that it was not just drama and comedy that would have kept the viewers entertained as there were too many controversies surrounding the show.

However, there is still a following of the show that has been binge-watching the previous season, with the hope that Netflix will change its decision.

When can AJ And The Queen Season 2 Release Date?

The show received a series order in May 2018, but the cast was not officially announced until September 2018. But unfortunately, now that AJ and the Queen is not going to renew for a Season 2, it seems that the show has come to an end and fans will be having a hard time to reconcile.

AJ And The Queen Season 2: What would have been the Storyline?

, AJ and the Queen Season 2 Why Is Show Cancelled ?

Season 1 ends with most of the storyline left up in the air: Louis walks in on Officer Kennedy and another man, and, storms off in anger.

If there would have been a Season 2, we may have seen the two reconcile. Brianna had reunited with AJ in the finale’s final scene, but it is clear that AJ was furious with her mother, and Robert is heartbroken to see the 10-year-old go.

There were quite a few drag queen cameos in season 1 of AJ and the Queen; fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will no doubt would have hoped to see more of these queens in Season 2. Latrice Royale, Ginger Minj, and Trinity the Tuck had guest roles in season 1; maybe their characters would have returned if there would have been a subsequent season.

Trinity the Tuck, who plays Danielle Dupri, was crowned Miss Drag USA in the finale, but her crown was stollen by Lady Danger. It would have been interesting to see if this story would have continued in the show.

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