Is There Any Possibility For Dark Season 4? What Is The Future Of Franchise? Will This Show Return?


The dense time-traveling show exploring the time paradox has become one of the most popular Netflix shows worldwide. Dark has completed three seasons successfully, but the renewal of season four is still a question mark. While Netflix has planned to end the show in three seasons, fans want to see more of the show.

Dark premiered in 2017, and it became a sleeper hit for Netflix. The mysterious plot filled with twists and thrills. The German show is everything interesting. Every season of the Dark has a mind-blowing ending, which will leave you craving for another season.

Dark Season 4 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed For Next Season?

Unfortunately, there is terrible news for fans as Dark is not going to have any further seasons. When Dark was renewed for season 3, series creator Baran Bo Odar confirmed that it would be the last season of the series. We can also say that it has become a tradition for Netflix to cancel the series after three seasons. This is not only with Dark but many more series, which has been withdrawn by Netflix after completing three series.

However, earlier Odar did explain in one of these Instagram posts about the plans he has for Dark, and with that explanation, it felt like Odar has plans for a lot more seasons to complete his story. Incase Netflix respects the vision of creators of the show and lets them have more seasons to end their story beautiful, and we can expect season four. But for now, there are no plans for any further series.

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