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The Croods 2 Every Details About It’s Releasing, Cast, Plot And Who Will Be New Face In This Movie?


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The Croods is coming back with a new movie and fans are more than excited. This animated film is the sequel to The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure (2013).


The picturesque prehistoric family of Los Croods does their thing again. This fun clan is made up of the young and restless Eep, her grumpy father Grug, her understanding but clueless mother Ugga, in addition to the geek Thunk and baby Sandi.

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They return to the big screen in a new troglodytic adventure. Reminding us of the importance of family and how little we have evolved through their movie. This time, the Croods will challenge their biggest threat since moving away from their cave. They will meet another family.

Why is the movie delayed?

Source: screencrush.com

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Fox will cease to be the official distributor of Dreamworks Animation so that the company would be transferred to Universal Studios. Such a change in the structure of the animation studio is what has led to the delay in the premiere of The Croods 2 that was planned for December this year.

Although 20th Century Fox plans to release The Story of Ferdinand, a self-produced film inspired by the classic children’s book, on the initial date indicated for the croods, the company has other projects on the air, such as Captain Underpants, which is based on the saga it carries.

Keep in mind that Universal cannot change the release schedule already determined has not officially been finalized although everything seems to indicate that the producers have started conversations to release the movie soon.

Details about Dreamworks Animation

It is the company behind the Croods. Although Dreamworks is not going through its best economic moment, it has been recovering, and with this, it has announced the possible return of Shrek with a fifth installment. There has not been much talk about it about this tape either.

Dreamworks Animation is an American production company that makes computer-animated films. Currently, until the purchase is made, its official distributor is 20th Century Fox, with which films such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kun Fu Panda, have been produced.

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