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Strike The Blood Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Is More About The Show?


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Strike the Blood also known as SutoBora or
Sutoraiku Zal Buraddo is an anime series that would have you seated for quite long once you begin watching it. With three seasons available until now. The series is heading towards producing the fourth season in line, and this has got us super excited.

Following the illustrations by Manyako and based on the light novel of the same written by Gakuto Mikumo. Strike the Blood is an ecchi show that features the endeavors of a guy name Akatsuki Kojou. Gakuto Mikumo is the author behind the other light novel series Asura Cryin’ and The Mystic Archives of Dantalian.

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Strike The Blood is an action-oriented harem series, which had first aired in the year 2013. Kojou Akatsuki is a teen vampire who lives in the monster city of Itogami. Where he’s suspected of being the “Fourth Progenitor,” the most influential vampire.

Strike the Blood Season 4: Cast

blood and bone sub indo

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In the fourth installment of Strike the Blood, Yoshimasa Hosoya will be back as Kojo Akatsuki. Risa Taneda will voice Yukina Himeragi, Asami Seto will voice Asagi Aiba, Ikumi Hayama will voice Sayaka Kirasaka, Hisako Kanemoto will voice Natsuki, Motoki Yaze will be expressed by Ryōta Ōsaka and Nagisa Akatsuki will be voiced by Rina Hidaka.

Strike the Blood Season 4: Release Date

Strike The Blood Season 4 is expected to have more episodes than the previous seasons and will be released as a series of six home video.

The fourth season, as per the sources has released on 8 April 2020 and will continue till June 2021 on Blu-Ray for home consoles.

Strike the Blood had initially started as a TV anime, and later, it had continued as OVA series, for which the third season was recently aired.

Strike the Blood Season 4: Plot

The fourth season of Strike the Blood will be adapting the will adapt the novel volumes from 18 to 20. The popular TV anime “Strike the Blood” or Sutoraiku Zal Buraddo is back with another installment to unfold the adventures of “the fourth true ancestor” who is a legendarily strong vampire that shouldn’t exist.

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