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Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Trailer And Will We See Some New Faces?


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Rising Of The Shield Hero, a Japanese light novel series turned anime TV series, achieved great success with its first installment. So, more episodes were highly anticipated. Luckily, we are getting a Season 2, but that’s not all. Read on to know everything there is in store for the fans.

Season 1 premiered in January 2019 and ran for 25 episodes.

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The series was given the green light for more episodes in September 2019 at the Crunchyroll Expo Panel. To be a bit more specific, Season 2 and Season 3 have been confirmed. YES! Two more seasons are officially in the works.


Although the news of the renewal came long back, we still don’t have a word on the release date. Keeping in mind that the previous season came out in January and wrapped up in June, we could have expected date in January of 2021. However, the prevailing Coronavirus pandemic has made the industry more unpredictable than ever.


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Season 1 revolved around Naofumi Lwatani and his road to becoming the World Cardinal Hero in a parallel universe along with other teens. In the alternate universe, the teens are informed that this world needs help battling against monsters that attack periodically. Naofumi was equipped with the Legendary Shield while the others had a bow, a spear, and a sword for attacking.


Some reliable-unreliable sources tell us that the enemies the teen warriors will be confronting in the forthcoming seasons will be new and more powerful than before.

We are expecting to see more connections between Raphtalia and Naofumi in future episodes.

Due to the scarcity of official inputs on the storyline, we cannot say much ourselves. But, it will obviously be picked up from where the first chapter signed off.

We, as fans, are excited!

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