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GTA 6 Air Date, Gameplay, Camera Angle, Storyline And Everything You Should Know & What’s More


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Grand Theft Auto or commonly known as GTA, is one of the most played games on the computer. Every gamer out there has played this game. This game requires no introduction to any 90’s kid.

Because it was everything for them, the game has been changed or further developed on newer versions, but the most played version is still Vice City, the version every ’90s must have played.

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This game, created by David Jones and Mike Daily, is an action-packed adventure game. This game shows the ultimate potential or extent up to which anyone adventure.

In this game, you can ride a bike, drive a brand new sports car, ship, a chopper, a Military Bulldozer, or whatever automobile that had ever existed on this planet.


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The sixth installment of this game has lured the fans to release date and had postponed it. This loop continued for a span of 87 months.

At last, the makers decide to put a break statement to stop this. The recently announced that this game is going to be released in August. A few weeks more left for the release, fascinating, isn’t it?


As from the data obtained from the officials, this game is reported to have four characters out which two of them our beloved gangsters and the remaining are cops.

The characters of all versions of this game have all the fans crazy. The character from the vice city version Tommy is a fan-favorite character. The uniqueness in this game is that even characters have separate fan bases.


As from the makers, this version of the game is reported to have more vibrant and brighter visuals. The visuals of the new version are 100 times more natural than that of the previous version.

The makers had put all their hardships in making the game more real and make the game in compliance with contemporary gaming standards.


The discussion of the plot is way too early as of now. But from the map outline, we got, there is a racing track found, and this track has resemblance with that of Miami’s geographical outline and has some Mexican touch too. The map may be similar to that of GTA 3.

The makers have made this map more detailed than that of previous versions or any game which has a map.


The gamers are now busy with exploring the map of GTA 5, and before that, the trailer of this game was released. There is also a mid version of the game released.

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