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Euphoria Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Can We Expect About Storyline?


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‘Euphoria’ is an American adaptation and has become the television sensation of the year. It is inspired by an Israeli show of a similar name. The series has tracked down a group of high school students tackling topics like love, gender identity, drugs, sex, and even social media. Each chapter had an average of 550,000 viewers, and given the fame of the series, HBO decided to renew it for a second season.


HBO has not yet announced the date when we can see this second season. The pilot arrived at the screens in the United States on June 16, 2019. But considering that the first took eight months to shoot and that the second has only started with the script readings, we cannot know precisely the date on which that we will see you again.


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It seems that Zendaya will return to the series to bring Rue to life once again. And although at the moment there has been no official confirmation, we assume that the rest of the characters will return with her: 

  • Hunter Schafer
  • Maude Apatow
  • Angus Cloud
  • Eric Dane
  • Alexa Demie
  • Jacob Elordi
  • Barbie Ferreira
  • Nika King
  • Algee Smith
  • Sydney Sweeney

We will have at least five new characters, for whom an online casting was opened looking for these profiles:

a. Darian: He is 17 years old, of any ethnicity. He is sensitive, vulnerable, somewhat rebellious. He is not the cool boy from high school but is very interesting. You may have addiction problems.

b. Ray: He is also 17 years old, of any ethnicity. He is handsome, humble, good-hearted, and has been through a lot. He is not very polite but speaks superbly. It is not the joy of the garden, although it does not have a depressive behaviour either.

c. Ami: between 18 and 20 years old, with drug addiction. She is a stripper, hates her boyfriend, and is always swearing. He has an enormous mouth and can make a bad situation even worse.

d. Serena: Over 50 years old and Caucasian. She is cheeky and powerful. She is the type of woman who has had a very party life and is now just looking to earn a living.

e. Lita: Woman of about 40, of any ethnicity. An adoptive mother with many bills to pay. He seems like an ordinary person, but he has no scruples in business.


It is too early to know the development of the next episodes. Keep in mind that the first season just ended a few months ago. But taking into account all the controversial events we saw in the previous one, we are sure that this tone will be maintained. They will follow us delighting with plots like the relationship between Jules and Rue.


At the moment, no official trailer has seen the light. Let’s be patient or listen to the soundtrack of the first season to kill time.

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