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The 100 Season 8 Release Date, Who Is In The Cast? Plot, Trailer And Hoe Is Gabriel’s Life


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A fantastic teen drama mixed with a hard no nod bit of science-fiction. The 100 is Ready to be back on television. The series is set in a time of post-apocalypse when people have to make terrible choices to survive.

The series is a CW work, and it somehow was able to portray a society where the stereotype are eradicated. Women lead the society, including the warrior clans. The show becomes a must-watch for people with a taste of hard science-fiction.

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It is typically based on the novel series of the same name written by Kass Morgan. So, too for those of you who still haven’t watched these series, this quarantine is the perfect time for you.

for now,m here’s everything you need to know about the new season:


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The series first premiered in 2014 and was critically well acclaimed. It was a huge success which led to six more subsequent seasons to date. Season 7 was renewed in 2019 and was said to be the final season of this franchise. It was said to release in May 2020 with a total of 16 episodes.


Thus, there is no news for coming of eight seasons for the new season is expected to give every close the series need.

However, there is good news for the fans that is the making of a spin-off. Development of a prequel series that’ll be set 97 years before the original series has already begun.


This final series will view Eliza Taylor [as Clarke Griffin], Marie  Avengeropoulor [as Dctavia Blake], Bob Morley [as Bellamy Blake], Lindsey Morgan [as Raven Reyes], Shannon Kook [as Jordan Green] and Alania Huffman [as Nikki]


The series first started with a group of a teenager who was raised in space and then sent to Earth for the first time. The series is set to the time that is posted nuclear war, where humans again have to struggle to survive. The last release, season 6 took them again to a new planet where they have to fight for the survival of the human race once again.

Season 7 will lead this story forward. The production is already trying to work hard to give a fine as well as the neat ending to the series. They don’t want to leave any loop-holes and end it with a full circle.

Thus, this will be the last time when you’ll see your favourite character on television. The last season started two days ago.

This season is thus a farewell to the series completing its final 16 episodes. The part is that its last episode (16) will also be the 100th episode of the series the 100.

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