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Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date, Who Is In Cast? Plot, Trailer And Where Did Joyce, Will, And Eleven Go, And Will They Return To Hawkins?


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Stranger Things Season 4

Its only a matter of time after which we will have the privilege of getting past some serious cliffhangers haunting the fans of Stranger Things since ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Stranger Things season four is right around the corner with answers to all the questions! Does Hopper die? Who is the American prisoner in the German cell? What happens to Will, Eleven and Joyce after the portal closes? To know about the hints directing towards the possible question, keep holding to this popculturetimes article on Stranger Things Season Four.

Release Dates for Season 4, Stranger Things

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Stranger Things Season 4: Release Confirmed On Netflix?

There has been no official date announced for season 4’s release. Netflix is under serious threat regarding its new releases amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. The filming is at a halt, which may shift the assumed release dates. However, the season was renewed by Netflix on 2020’s Valentine’s day itself.

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The expected cast members can include all the previous actors other than Billy as he is shown dead.

What can be expected out of Season 4, Stranger Things?

Coming to the know about series four plot, a teaser released by Duffer Brothers confirmed the survival of David Harbour’s Chief Hopper’s envisioned death in the finale of season three when Joyce tries closing the portal to upside down. TBH, it was an emotional moment watching him sacrifice like that! Season 4 won’t be the last series, Levy, the producer has disseminated the information about there being a season 5.

The truth is we’re definitely going four seasons, and there’s very much the possibility of a fifth,” Levy said. “Beyond that, it becomes, I think, very unlikely.”

The pre-credit scene of Stranger Things Part 3 shows Eleven, who has lost her powers leaving Hawkins with Joyce, Jonathan, and Will to a place not mentioned. Eleven is given a piece of Hopper’s to keep him n her memories.

There is confusion regarding the prisoner in the cell. No one knows its whereabouts. Matt Duffer commented on EW saying: “The line that Russian guard said is purposely intended to spark debate. We need people to ask the very questions that you’re asking,”

Is there a trailer release for Stranger Things 4?

We have a teaser released for the fans to get a hint regarding the events in the finale of season 3. The highlights are of  Hopper working in the snowy field of Kamchatka, with a shaved head. Stranger things four is going to be even more strange for the records!

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