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Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date, Who Is In Cast? Plot, Trailer And What’s New Update?


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This might excite the Aloha Anime fans out there! The Highschool DXD is going to make a comeback for the fifth season. This show is an anime adaptation of a novel that goes by the same name authored by Miyami-Zero.

The show has been well received for its all four seasons and been appreciated by the audience.

When will the fifth season release?

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Though the excitement of the fourth statement continues to persist, the fans have started asking for the fifth season. But neither the production house nor the director, has hinted us about any upcoming release.

Update: The makers have confirmed that season 5 is going to air in the ending part of 2020. Or if the current scenario affects it, we may expect season 5 to release in early 2021.

The Plot

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The plot revolves around a perverted high schooler. The main lead character Issei Hyodo is a pervert with many fantasies wandering in his mind.

He realizes that he’s not any normal being when he gets killed on his first date with Yuma Amano.

After that incident, he realizes that he is a devil and a servant to Ria’s Gremory Devil family.

It is evident from the previous seasons that the show finds its inspiration from the 25 volumes of the original manga.

As of now, the plot of season 5 is an unknown entity because the volume from which makers find the plot is not known to us.

The Characters

The characters who will have a confirmed reappearance in season 5 are Jaimie Marichi, Yoko Hikasha, Yuki Kaji, Josh Grelle, Azumi Asakura.

Is the trailer to Highschool 5 out?

Unfortunately, as of now, there has been no trailer dropped by the creators.

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