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Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Can We Expect In The Future?


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Extraordinarily abled characters come together to make up this TV series of Steampunk genre. It is nail-biting, and the element of fantasy in this make it a standout amongst the other contemporary TV series.

When will the second season release?

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There has been no confirmation of the second season releasing yet. But we hear that the shooting has ended and we can expect the new season soon; probably in 2021.

Who is the cast?

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Orlando Bloom reprises his character in the lead role, Cara Delevingne is the other lead character.

There are rumours that Katy Perry is set to appear in the new seasons.

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Two other major actors are said to be teaming up to make this season another success.

What is the plot for season 2?

Fae’s fate will be revealed, and the story will pick up from there.

Several altercations are bound to appear after the actions of season 1. So I say you keep thinking until the trailer comes out.

The trailer is set to be out when the pandemic scar ends although with the events happening, it seems it will take a bit of time to get the entertainment industry going.

When is the trailer?

The trailer is still far ahead as the filming for the second season is not yet started. Once we get the trailer, we will get a glimpse of what the second season will hold for us.

But pretty much the second season will be dictated by fights, visuals, power and authority. Also, it will be fascinating to see how the story will turn out for each character.

Orlando Broom and Cara Delevinge have shown massive promise in the first season, and the writers should keep in mind to use their scorching presence to maximum advantage.

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