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Splatoon 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Camera Angle, Storyline And Everything You Must Know


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Nintendo confirms that it is not currently developing Splatoon 3.
This has been pointed out by Hisashi Nogami, producer of the saga.
The development team doesn’t even plan to make a new instalment.

It seems that we will not have the opportunity to set foot on the streets of Chromópolis again. Producer Splatoon, Hisashi Nogami, rule out the third instalment.

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Claiming that the development team has not even thought about a sequel for this colourful shooting game. Of course, they do not close to work on a possible Splatoon 3.

They are not working on Splatoon 3

In an interview, Nogami revealed that the development team is not working on Splatoon 3. He has pointed out that they do not even have a new delivery in mind, nor in what they could do with it.

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They want to ‘return the favour’ to the followers of the saga.
However, Nogami has wanted to reassure fans: Both he and the team would like to “return the favour” to fans of the saga, who have been supporting both Splatoon 2 and the original game.

So, although in the short term it is ruled out that there is a Splatoon 3. The truth is that the door is open to this new instalment.

Not surprisingly, the Splatoon saga has managed to exceed 10 million copies sold in less than three years. This is an entirely plausible performance for this proposal.

Recap of Splatoon 2

Promoted and issued by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 2 is the sequel to the fun and colourful action title and multiplayer hack shots of Wii U.

It is now with new maps and weapons and a new local co-op mode for up to 4 players.

You can conquer territory by covering it in ink in gripping four-on-four battles.

The team that covers the most ground with their ink wins! Teamwork and knowing when to take the squid shape will give you the edge to win.

Get out on the battlefield and go all out!

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