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GTA 6 Release Date, Gameplay, Camera Angle, Storyline And Everything You Must Know


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Grand Theft Auto has been a great hideout for several players out there. It has already been a year since the last production, GTA 5. Fans are eagerly waiting for updates about GTA 6. Currently, the new consoles providing GTA 5 a natural vision mode levels up the excitement of the fans. Creator Rashid teases the gamers with an early-access version of the mod with an amazing trailer released on May 15.

Game Play and Camera Angle in GTA 6

The nuanced version transforms the light system, ambient colours, textures and building models. The visual turns 100 times more real than the previous mode visuals. All this manifests the high standards which will be provided in GTA 6.

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“I’ve spent multiple years crafting the latest version of one of my mods,” “It required me to modify hundreds of files/variables, several 3D models, and numerous textures to achieve a result that would bring the game to the next-generation of graphics.” comments Razed on the Patreon page.

Release dates for GTA 6

Jason Schreier confirms the development of GTA 6, but there are no official statements made by Rockstar yet. The process is undoubtedly going to take time considering the current situations regarding COVID-19.

What can be expected from GTA 6? 

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As of now, it is known of Rockstar to be handling a UK tax relief in its account. It possibly is being used for the development of GTA 6 as no new projects are on the line.

The plot structure is too early to be discussed officially. However, there is a map outline on GTA’S latest racing DLC’S race circuit map. As reported by the gamers, the map’s shape is suspected to be similar to that of Miami’s geographical outline with a bit of Mexico involved in it. The explanation takes us back to the stretch of GTA 3, vice city!

Hypothetically speaking, if the plot follows the assumed map, then the geographical area will be much more immense than GTA 5 and Red Redemption 2 combined.

We have a change in the creator as Dan Houser, and the former co-founder left the sets back in March. His departure could change the highlights and background of GTA 6.

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