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Nexus Of Technology And Government Will Only Rise In Future!! But Is It Only Technology What We Require?


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The Government forms the cornerstone of any Country irrespective of its political system and rests with the responsibility of providing effective and efficient services to its citizens in form Healthcare, Economic Services, Education, etc. Especially after Covid-19, the expectations of each one of us has increased of receiving services at the faster pace.

Government & Technology

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There are many ways in which a revolution can be brought up to reform the governance system one such way is leveraging Technology from end to end, which starts with the Government and ends on the Citizen Needs. Taking Inspiration from Digital India, which has transformed the Business is done we require more technology solutions like using Robotic Process Automations like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism in all repetitive tasks which don’t add value to the citizens and consumes a lot of resources in the form of cost and even wasting of Human Intellect classified as 8th Waste by Lean Six Sigma Methodology.

From my Personal experience, Uipath is an excellent tool for automating finance, healthcare, or for that say, whatever has a structured process can be automated.

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Robotics can significantly help in reducing the Turnaround time(TAT) for service delivery to its citizens, which can again generate trust, which can help us in achieving New India by 2022.

Government & Big Data

With the Government having the largest reservoir of Data called the BIG DATA, it requires us to think beyond and develop models for the Government in the form of Machine Learning where Data of around 130 Cr. Indians can be used for Data Analysis to generate patterns that can be used for Data-driven decision making at the grassroots levels.





One such example which comes immediately amid this Covid situation is that we can use Random Forest Classifier Tests to find out the pattern in Covid patients to find out what bodyweight people, Gender, Veg/Non-Veg are more prone to Covid-19 among the population.

Government and Lean Six Sigma Principles

One technique that I feel personally, which could change the Governance way, is the Application of Lean Six Sigma Methods. After having worked in various sectors, its application is unimaginably more powerful that one can think of. Using it, one can leverage the benefits it can accrue to any government of the World.

One terminology where I feel we can work most is Lean(which means increased efficiency and elimination of waste called MUDA is technical parlance). The approvals system follows a tall hierarchy that renders service delivery ineffective, especially when a quick action on the ground level is required. Excessive inventory, like with FCI in India, also creates an inflationary tendency in the Country, which may render fiscal and monetary policies ineffective at times. Here, we need to redesign the process (called performance improvement) using Shanta Kumar Committee recommendations keeping in mind the interest of Farmers and food security.

Government & Civil Services

And the most important I feel is the area of wasted intellect as Civil Servants should be more of reorganized to ensure that people with prior experience will be taken into consideration at the time of allocation of services,  like people with finance proficiency, should be made to write the exam for IRS(IT) & IRS(IT& Customs) which good be an enabler for more efficiency and effectiveness of the Bureaucratic system of the Country.

Responsibility Of A Nation lies in the Hands of Citizens

Good governance is not the only responsibility of the Government but also the responsibility of citizens in the form of law-abiding, patient, and most important culture of brotherhood should be the cornerstone of any country to be Superpower in the 21st Century.

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Jaisal Bhagwani
Jaisal Bhagwani, a Chartered Accountant has a love of writing articles especially areas related to Technology and its application to various sectors like Government, Finance, Healthcare after. His unique skill set can help one understand the cross-industry application which is gaining ground and is an enabler for the future.