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GTA 6 Release Date: Bad News For Xbox And Play Station 4 Gamers


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GTA or we must say Grand Theft Auto, an action and adventure game. Every gamer must have played this game where we can see a lead character who does plenty of things. This game has changed the face of open-world gaming.

About Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure type video game which was created by Mike Dailly and David Jones. Rockstar Games published this game. This game has launched its various versions and has a huge fan following.

The most played version of this game was Vice City which had a Tommy as its main character. In the game, you can drive a car, bike, a tank top. You can ride over a boat, or you can fly a chopper. This game has a different fan base.

Release of GTA 6

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Franchise of GTA games are having great hope with the new game because it has a great fan base, all the previous games have won many awards. GTA games have a huge fan following and officials have announced that they will not launch GTA 6 in the early months of 2020.

Bad News for Xbox and Play Station 4 gamers

As the officials have announced that they will not launch GTA 6 in the early months of 2020, so the owners of Xbox and Play Station 4 have bad days. This game will not be there, and they will not be able to play this game on their consoles.

GTA 6 stays in Parts

Like many other games. It is the question which is everyone’s heart as to which are those pc who will support the game. GTA has been one of the most popular games. So changing anything regarding the game might not affect its sale.

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