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Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, What New Trailer Is Showing And What Can Be The Future of series?


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Carnival Row is the new fantasy drama streaming on Amazon Prime. The drama has a very unique and creative storyline that focuses on some extraordinary abilities of people.

When will the second season release?

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The official statement for the release of the second season is not yet released. But according to a tweet, it points out to positive news that the second season will be coming soon. We can expect the release of season two by the beginning of 2021, but it might get pushed further.

Who is the cast?

We might see the main characters like Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne reprising their role in the new instalment. There are also reports that two major actors will be joining the cast to play very compelling characters that will shape the face of season two.

What is the plot for season 2?

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Its plot will be picking up its story from where it left. We will see the unveiling of Fae’s fate. It is pretty much sure that there will be a lot of clashes in the among them. As it is tough to predict what the plot will be until and unless we get a glimpse of the trailer.

When is the trailer?

The trailer is still far ahead as the filming for the second season is not yet started. Once we get the trailer, we will get a glimpse of what the second season will hold for us.

But pretty much the second season will be dictated by fights, visuals, power and authority. Also, it will be fascinating to see how the story will turn out for each character.

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