5 Emerging Sustainable Energy Technologies

Emerging Sustainable Energy Technologies

Over coming years, our world will consume more energy than today. Anywhere access to the affordable and reliable energy rises, people will enjoy higher living standards. Whereas lowenergy cost is newsworthyand huge attention paid over fossil fuels might be innovative developments, which are rising elsewhere in this industry. Energy expert, Douglas Healy thinks that there are more advantages of sustainable energy usage.Here we will look at the top 5 innovations that include some new approaches of harvesting the sustainable energy or solutions are given below.

  1. Energy Storage

This plays a very important to balance demand andpower supply, and is important in tackling intermittency issues of the sustainable energy. Pairing the storage system with renewable energy gives the steady andsmooth power supply, even if weather conditions aren’t best for the energy generation.Batteries are one common storage device that is used in the renewable energy sources systems and use is rising on residential &grid-wide scale. The energy storage technologies continue to improve and making it more affordable andviable. It’s projected that the storage can represent the important element of the new energy technologies coming inthe future, since domestic andutility-scale energy storage systemsbecome costly competitiveand eroding benefits of the traditional sources ofenergy.

  1. Biodegradable Batteries

The researchers have investigated different biodegradable battery technologies, which includes one that was developed by the scientists that makes use of nano-cellulose that was harvested from the wood pulp. Resulting aerogel material was elastic &foam-like, it can withstand any amount of stress, like bent and pinched. Material’s three dimensional structure provides higher energy storage capacity, and made it possible by including the electricity-conducting ink.Another kind of the biodegradable battery dissolves in a person body. Making use of metal materials, which are biocompatible, scientist invented the battery that will power the electric output for around 24 hours.

  1. Kitenergy

We are using wind energy for a very long time now. This needs a large amount of investment to set up the wind farms or you might have faced some kind of opposition from people whose barren land you can use for setting up your farm. Good news is turbines aren’t an only way of tapping inthe wind energy. There is the alternative known as Kitenergy that will be better andcheaper. Kiteis generally linked to ground by 2 ropes. The rotating mechanism and the generators are generally used on a ground. Even the energy experts feel that this kind of traditional energy technologies requires very little development to come with the future requirement.

  1. Thorium Nuclear Reactors

The thorium nuclear reactors generally use thorium rather that plutonium anduranium for the nuclear fission, and providing many amazing benefits in a long run. The thorium reactors are safer than plutonium oruranium reactors, since the designs will allow for impactful steps that will prevent the meltdown: supply of the neutrons needed to produce the energy will be cut off and halting out fission when essential; plutonium anduranium, produce their neutrons, and making protection impossible. The thorium is simple to get and makes less nuclear waste. Producing bomb by thorium reactors will be impractical, and decreasing fear of the nuclear doomsday situation.India, China, Germany, Norway, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Israel are some countries that are researching &prototyping on thorium nuclear reactors.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Power in Microgrids

Bestpart about microgrids is they’re local energy grids that will operate both the ways –either freely or connected to thelarger conventional grid. The grids aren’t just energy savers, but provide energy efficiency, independence, as well as protection during time of contingencies. You would have heard of AI or artificial intelligence –it is the most famous technological innovations today. Using machine learning abilities of artificial intelligence with the microgrid controllers, one can promote the operation improvements when experiencing the continuous adaptation. It is one unique technique that is spreading far away.


Even though it might be very tough to see beyond inexpensive gas andoil today, but, these 5 emerging sustainable energy technologies that are listed above will prove that energy future can be sustainable, renewable, as well as biodegradable.  And, in this process of emerging energy alternatives, way of reusing waste products that the civilization is accumulating for years emerges, will be better.

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