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Attack On Titan Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Is Trailer Out? And How Will The Survey Corps Rebuild In The Show??


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Regardless of being an anime fan or not if there is one anime out there you have always heard people talk about, it would be Attack on Titans. The series has created a name for itself in the global entertainment market and reached heights that no other anime series could even fathom.

Over the years the show has seen a humongous increase in its fanbase since the time of release, and there is no doubt that this new season of the series is only going to help this fanbase grow.

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(SPOILER WARNING! Don’t proceed further if you haven’t seen previous seasons of the series)

What will the fourth season be about?

The last season of the series had been a roller-coaster ride where we witnessed too many iconic moments and plot reveals.

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We had finally gotten to know about what was there in Eren’s basement, and we saw the Survey Corps battle against two of the most deadly titans of all times: The Armoured Titan and the Colossal Titan.

More than all this, one of the most heartwarming scene in the entire season was when Armin, Mikasa and Erin had finally made it to the world outside the walls and played in the ocean. This one scene had made us realise how everything had come full circle in the series and how much our favourite trio had grown up from being just kids to one of the most badass Titan slayers.

This season had finally given us a glimpse of the outside world and made the Survey Corps realise that the threat to humanity was not Titans; rather, it was other humans, all along. In this season we will hopefully see the new kingdom under the rule of Historia to go on a full-fledged war against the Kingdom of Marley.

Filled with more twists, character arcs, sacrifices and gore elements, there is no doubt that this season is going to give us all the conclusion that we have all been waiting for.

When will the new season launch?

Although the creators of the show had confirmed that the series had been renewed for another season, the production for this season has not yet begun, and the date of release is yet to be decided.

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